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Load banks on rent

A load bank on rent can make you aware about performance of your equipement like generator, motor, etc at full load &/or partial load. In general, load banks are required on temporary basis for a short period of time. We provide complete solution of all testings with the help of rental load banks.

Equipment Testing with a Load Bank on rent

Aggreko has vast experience in conducting various types of load tests and finding the correct load test solution for its customers. We understand the importance of testing generators  (DG set), transformers, and other equipments. It is advisable to test such eqipments on periodic basis.

Power Testing

Aggreko provides rental load bank solutions convenient for short term testing requirements and offer a full range of:

  • AC load banks on hire - both Resistive and Resistive-Reactive
  • DC load banks on rent  

Benefits of Aggreko's Load Bank on hire

  • Our reliable power testing load banks, timely deployment of equipment and skilled engineers ensure successful testing in quick time. We work closely with our customers in order to gurantee the continuity and reduce risk for their operations
  • Standard containerized units
  • Since load back is not frequently required equipment; load bank on hire temporary period serves the purpose

To discuss load bank testing, send us your rental enquiry.

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