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Rental Chiller (on hire)

Our rental chillers (on hire) are best suited for various industrial or process applications as well as commercial applications. These rental chillers can be used for events, exhibitions, commercial buildings and different sort of industries like manufacturing, automobile, food, beverages, pharma, chemical, oil & gas, shipping, mining, power plants, etc. These versatile chillers can be coupled with air-handling equipment (AHU) for HVAC applications.

Aggreko rental chiller (on hire):

  • Quick mobilization is possible for rental chillers
  • Designed and built for deployment in the harsh industrial situations
  • Widely used to provide supplemental, temporary or emergency cooling for high-volume applications, such as at process industries, refineries or power plants
  • Able to be extended for HVAC applications

Presently, in India, we offer the air-cooled chillers on rental or hire basis in sizes from 45TR to Multi-TR. Multi-tons projects have been executed with highest QHSE standards. At present, we have chiller capacity around 5000TR which can be offered to customers in India.

These rental chillers can be used for 

These chillers have a modular design and can fit infinite size requirements.

Applications of rental chiller (on hire)

  • Supplemental cooling
  • Maintenance outages
  • Disaster response
  • Delay in delivery of purchased chillers
  • Seasonal cooling
  • Performance improvements
  • Pilot testing

Rental chiller (on hire) locations

When you rent from Aggreko, not only are you acquiring a reliable and modern chiller to facilitate your cooling needs, you also receive the timely support of the Aggreko service team, design and engineering support, as well as operational support from the strategically located Aggreko depots across globe and in India.

We have sales presence across all major cities in India who can understand your requirements. Our depots in India are located in three cities: Pune, Manesar and Chennai. We also have two parking yards at Hyderabad and Vizag. These strategic locations of our sales and service team enable a timely and flexible service that can meet your needs, PAN India.

To discuss how we can help you, contact us/ send us your rental enquiry, today.

Chiller on rent in India

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