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Temporary cooling solutions

For temporary cooling solutions, you can rely on Aggreko’s rental cooling services. To address the needs of various industries, Aggreko offers a variety of rental cooling equipment. Whether your company is looking for an event, exhibition, industrial applications of the rental chillers, cooling towers, heat exchanges, air handling units (AHU), etc.; Aggreko can help you with a right configuration of cooling solution on rental basis.

Quick and effective temporary cooling solutions can result in longer life for your operating equipments, higher productivity, less downtime, and better results.

At Aggreko India, we are committed to providing total temporary cooling solutions to our customers. To address the temporary cooling needs of our customers, we provide a variety of air conditioners, chillers, cooling towers and accessories on rental or hire basis.

Temporary cooling solutions on rental basis:

  • Modular cooling towers to provide high-volume water for chilling or cooling 
  • Air-cooled chillers and air conditioners to supplement installed process systems or provide heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment for workplaces
  • Heat exchangers, including food-grade units, to boost process productivity
  • Dehumidifiers that enable operators to control variable product or ambient air conditions more effectively.

Industrial process cooling solutions on hire

Customers use our industrial cooling solutions on hire as standalone cooling facilities and for process augmentation, when additional cooling capacity can provide improved operational efficiency and throughput in existing plants. Apart from this there can be applications like supplemental cooling, maintenance outages, seasonal cooling, pilot testing, disaster response, performance improvements, etc.

Aggreko values the need to ensure that your situation is fully understood. Our globally developed problem solving knowledge and approach demonstrates our willingness to go beyond an industry standard mindset and traditional service levels.

Our industrial cooling systems range from small portable units to large cooling solutions capable of delivering multi-megawatts of cooling capacity. All systems can be run as standalone packages powered by Aggreko generators or can utilise site power. Aggreko’s technical specialists are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to deploy and service equipment, monitor performance and ensure outstanding service.

Comfort cooling solutions for rent

Our rental cooling solutions are used for comfort conditioning applications such as events, exhibitions, commercial complexes (including IT hubs), large office buildings, hospitals, hotels and malls. These temporary systems are ideal for extra cooling during summer months and for covering shutdown outages.

Around the world, Aggreko has served many major events including the Olympics Games, the FIFA World Cup and the Commonwealth Games. In India, we have delivered comfort-conditioning projects at prestigious events such Vibrant Gujarat, Auto Expo, Aero India and Plast India. The depth of our experience means that we can undertake turnkey projects for cooling and power distribution for any event or exhibition.

Aggreko’s technical specialists are available 24/7 to deploy and service equipment, monitor performance and ensure outstanding service.

Temporary cooling – industry sectors

Aggreko’s cooling systems are used by companies in the following sectors:

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