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Aggreko oferă soluţii de închiriere de energie şi controlul temperaturii pentru producţie.

Temporary power and temporary cooling

Providing power rental and temporary cooling solutions to industrial customers who need power, heating or cooling either very quickly, or for a short period of time.

Aggreko helps businesses improve and safeguard their operations by improving productivity, creating opportunities and reducing risks.

The power rental solutions we provide range from the simple to the very complex, for example:

  • Power for factories after a power cut, allowing production to continue.
  • Multi-megawatt contracts to help maintain production in petrochemical plants.
  • A temporary power plant to support the local grid.
  • As the largest power rental company in the world, we are focused on providing exceptional levels of service and reliability.

We operate from more than 190 locations, including Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Baroda, Hydrabad, Bengaluru, Vizag, and Coimbotre in India.

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